Business Forum

Within the framework of the project, the consortium organized a business forum, both in Cyprus and in Lithuania.

In Cyprus, the Re-CVET Forum was held in October 17, 2017, at the premises of the FILOXENIA Conference Center.

The RE-CVET Business Forum had a twofold goal. Both the further cooperation between the stakeholders, as well as the students' contact with the planning and implementation bodies of the CVET programs, as well as the employers. It aimed to bring together all stakeholders so that the programs respond to the needs of the labor market.

Based on the above, the RE-CVET business forum included two sections. The 1st focused on the opinions of the involved institutions and stakeholders on programmes' and policy design issues related to common interest. Both public / semi-state actors and representatives of the social partners were involved.

In terms of the issues discussed, the panel engaged in talks regarding the importance of skills development, how to monitor graduates' progress, the role of assessing skills in the labor market, the skills identification system, etc.

In parallel, the basic methodological tool developed as part of the project was presented (Quality Management Handbook).

The 1st section was completed with an open discussion, focusing on the need for retraining human capital through the CVET, aiming at creating a sustainable economy.

With regard to Part 2, it mainly targeted students (existing / potential), focusing on linking them to the labor market.

Sessions had been formulated with employers contribution in relation to soft skills required by businesses and the labor market, with emphasis on recognition and certification issues.

The 2nd part was completed with a workshop on methods for the development of soft skills with the practical participation of students.

Subject File Date
Poster 03/10/2017
Agenda 29/11/2017
Audiovisual Material 06/12/2017